Stronglight JDX94 headset for MTB


Extremely well sealed high performance lightweight headset

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The Stronglight JDX94 headset is one of the finest, best made and sealed mountain bike headsets available for 1″ threaded forks. With wonderful seals, taper-roller bearings and a lightweight aluminium construction they really don’t get much better. The only downside with this headset is the specific spanner required to install and maintain it, however these are supplied in the box with the headsets along with some instructions.

Built with triple seals, needle bearings and with a neat zytel ring in place of the locking nut. Though designed primarily as an MTB product it would be ideal for a winter commuter, audax or touring bike.

When introduced this was also know as the R2D2 headset, for fairly obvious reasons.

  • Model JDX94
  • Boxed with spanner and instructions
  • British thread for 1″ steerers
  • 26.4 crown race
  • A claimed 122 grams
  • Made in France

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm