Suntour Accushift stem mount 7 speed shifters – SL-VX01


Indexed stem mounted shifters for touring or town bikes

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Useful for those bikes where you’d like the shifters a little closer to hand than on the down tube these Suntour Accushift Power Control shifters will clamp to a standard 1″ quill stem and have built in cable stops so you can run the cable outer to down tube cable stops they come supplied with the inner and outer cables to do this. The Accushift shifters can be run as indexed 7 speed or are easily changed on the move to work in friction mode, they would work for up to 9 speeds in friction mode, and with a double or a triple at the front.

  • Model SL-VX01
  • Stem mount for 1″ quill stems (22.2mm diameter) only
  • Complete with inner and outer cables and instructions
  • 7 speed indexed or friction right hand lever, friction only left hand

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm