Avocet O2 Air 40R real leather chromoly saddle


Classic real leather multi purpose saddle

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Classic Avocet O2 Air 40R saddle with a real leather top, tough steel rails, not excessive padding and a low weight, ideal for road or mountain bikes. Back in the late 80s Avocet were responsible for some of the best quality and value for money components coming out of the USA. One of their strengths was a range of excellent saddles that were used by roadies, touring cyclists and mountain bikers alike. Dating from later in the life of the company when production had ceased in the USA the O2 Air range was typical Avocet, comfortable, light and well finished with a real leather cover. The Palo Alto bicycles catalogues were chock full of Avocet parts and make some great period reading/window shopping.

The 40R model here has standard chromoly rails (as opposed to the fancier, lighter titanium version) but still offers the same comfort and durability, the weight is, in my opinion, still pretty good too. I have personally put over 1000 miles on one of these and it still looks great.

  • Chromoly rails
  • Real leather top
  • Model O2 AIR 40R chromoly

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 15 cm