Shimano Deore XT endless clamp front mech – FD-M735


Versatile front derailleur for steel, aluminium and over-sized frames

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Tough to track down, these Shimano Deore XT endless clamp front derailleurs are ideal for your early 90s fat tubed MTB. When the vast majority of bikes were made of steel the new generation of aluminium and over-sized steel and titanium tubed bikes weren’t compatible with the 28.6 clamp of most front mechs. These endless clamp XT derailleurs solve that problem with a replaceable band to fit almost everything.

These mechs can be supplied with the either the 28.6 band for steel frames or 34.9 band which will suit over-sized aluminium and titanium frames and they can be used as a ‘direct mount’ too as some forward thinking manufacturers specced them. The mechs are bottom pull and from Shimano’s all-conquering M735 series of XT that was top of the range before the arrival of XTR.

We have only a few boxes for these so the first ones ordered will arrive with a box, and the rest will arrive without!

• Model: FD-M735
• Endless band for 28.6 or 34.9 diameter frames
• Can be used as a direct mount for some frames
• Bottom pull only
• Made in Japan
• Dated 1991

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 cm
Band size

28.6, 34.9