Suntour AP freewheel – Super wide 13:34 ratio


Great quality very wide range six speed cluster from the 1980s

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This beautifully made Suntour AP freewheel has a whopping range from 13 to 34 teeth sprockets across just six gears, making it ideal for an MTB or touring bike. Suntour freewheels came in many variations, the AP in this case stands for Accushift Plus which was Suntour’s indexing system. It seems to be a fairly complicated but in theory this AP freewheel will index with any ‘Accushift’ 6 speed shifter, and will of course work with any friction shifter too. The freewheel has a date code for 1989 and will require a long cage mech!

We have some compatible thumbshifters, X-Press shifters and stem mounted shifters for this freewheel in stock.

  • Six speed Accushift ‘AP’ freewheel
  • Indexed for Accushift/Plus compatibility
  • 13 to 34 tooth range
  • Requires four prong tool for removal
  • Made in Japan


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm