Bontrager Selle San Marco cromo saddle – RSP branded


Classic cutaway light weight MTB saddle from the 1990s

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This cromo railed Bontrager saddle was built by Selle San Marco and was designed for aggressive riders with its low weight and cut-away design. There were various iterations of this saddle over the years with this one being one of the last to be produced in this pure style without gimmicky gel pads or Kevlar corners. This saddle has RSP (Raleigh Special Products) stitching and was specced by Raleigh on their top end MTB the Titanium with XTR.

Keith Bontrager gained popularity for his no-nonsense approach to bicycle and component design, refining designs so that they worked as well as they possibly could using his Motocross and engineering background. Bontrager’s maxim was: “strong; light; cheap: pick two” and generally his parts were never that cheap!

  • Model: Cromo with stitched RSP branding
  • Date stamped 1997
  • Weighs: 230 grams
  • Made in Italy by Selle San Marco

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 20 cm