Things to do if you have some spare time…

It seems like people may have a bit more time on their hands in the coming weeks and months, and whilst the temptation is to fire up Netflix/Iplayer/Youtube or do some DIY I thought it might be a good thing to share some relevant bike stuff to help while your time away. Most of this […]

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Anatomy of a vintage mountain bike - stance

Anatomy of a vintage mountain bike

What defines what you think of as a vintage mountain bike? Anything with 26″ wheels and no dropper-post, something made before suspension and disc brakes were ubiquitous or a steel frame and forks with friction gears and a portage strap? I suspect the picture you conjure in your mind is different to everybody else’s, it […]

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Vintage bike S48O - bike set up

Vintage bike S48O – 48 hours of freedom

The sub 48 hour overnighter (S48O) is a great way of getting away for a couple of days on the bike, on your own or with friends, to roads and trails you know well or somewhere entirely new. It would seem from various sections of the media (particularly social media) that this is something new, […]

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Nitto Japan wire guard saddlebg support

Product test: Nitto wire guard

Before I picked up the Nitto wire guard I was using a home-made contraption built from a couple of P clips and an old rack stay to do the same job. It worked, but was neither aesthetically pleasing nor could it be easily switched between the two or three bikes with which I used my […]

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Touring the Scottish Highlands – Day 1: Strathcarron to Torridon

A mile of climbing, a terrible view and Highland wildlife. A year in the planning, this six day trip with a couple of friends was actually mooted over three years ago after we had all done the off-road coast to coast (C2C). Whilst on the whole enjoyable, the C2C was not what I would call […]

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