Suntour XC stem for MTB – Long / 110 mm


Beautifully made MTB stem for flat bars or period risers

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The Suntour XC Stem is a classic piece of early MTB design, available here in the ‘long’ 110 mm extension size. In the early days of MTBs, before Shimano’s all-conquering ascendency, Suntour were the best mountain bike specific component maker and they turned their hands to more than just gears and brakes. These ‘XC’ stems offered a decent amount of rise and a choice of extensions in a neat aluminium package, with a shim to convert 22.2 mm bars (as that’s how some used to come) to the 25.4 mm clamp size of the stem.

This one is 110mm long and a 22.2 mm quill for 1″ threaded headsets, it would typically have been specced with a riser bar from Nitto such as the B802. The shape would also work quite well with a flared ‘dirt drop’ bar too, if you can thread it through the clamp!

  • 1″ quill stem for 1″ threaded headsets
  • 110 mm extension with some rise
  • Introduced in 1984
  • Made in Japan
  • Model: Ms-1500 (identical to model MS-1400 as far as I can tell!)
  • Weighs 458 grams
  • Also available in 75 mm extension / short version

The period correct Suntour head binder cable stop is also available in stock.

Additional information

Weight 750 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm