25.4 Riser Bar – 30mm or 50mm of rise, 610mm wide


Value for money, wide riser bar ideal for Retro MTBs or Bromptons with a choice of rise


Kalloy made 25.4 Riser Bar in anodised silver with a choice of either 30mm or 50mm of rise, with a decent amount of width and a small amount of back sweep. the ‘standard’ size bar clamp has been superseded by oversize, or 31.8 clamps but if you have an MTB from the 80s or 90s you will also need to change your stem to fit these, and quill stems with a 31.8 clamp are hard to find. These bars offer a more modern amount of width at 610mm with a bit of back sweep and have a standard 22.2 mm bar clamp area, built from 6061 aluminium.

They would also work well on a Brompton, either offering a little more height with an S bar set up, or making an M or H type more aggressive without having to change other expensive parts. For example, an S type bar sits 90mm lower than an M type bar, so adding 30 or 50 mm of riser bar puts you a third of the way, or just over half way to the M type position. The pre 2017 M type and H type bar had 150mm of rise, so fitting a 50mm takes a lot of height off of either, the post 2017 M/H bars are 120mm tall so the change will not be as marked.

  • Kalloy made aluminium riser bars
  • 25.4 mm stem clamp
  • 22.2 mm control/grip area
  • 610 mm wide (24 inches)
  • Approximately 5 degrees of back sweep
  • Available with either 30 mm or 50 mm of rise

Please note, if you fit a taller, wider bar to your bike you will in most cases need to change all of the cables too! It is also worth checking the bar does not interfere with the fold if installing on a Brompton. 

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 65 × 20 × 20 cm

30mm, 50mm