Suntour XC Comp MTB hubs – 32 hole / 7 speed MicroDrive


Second from top of the line MicroDrive MTB hub set from the early 90s

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Early 90s Suntour XC Comp hubs in the seven speed MicroDrive (MD) freehub version with original rubber handled quick releases. These are from 1991 when Suntour was offering their proprietary cassette spline and freehub system in an ever-increasing number of options! There was also a standard (non-MD) version of this hub but they are not cross compatible so you need a MicroDrive 7 speed Suntour cassette (model CS-AP20-S7). In addition Suntour’s efforts at indexing were getting there, but were also complicated, you will need a 7 speed Acuushift Plus shifter and rear mech for it all to play nicely.

These faffy bits aside these are really nice hubs, almost as good as XC Pro with a lovely pair of quick release skewers too. The rear is 135 mm OLN and the front is a standard 100 mm OLN, both hubs are 32 hole.

  • Models – Front: HB-XC02-F; Rear: FH-XC11-7
  • 100 mm OLN front / 135 mm OLN rear
  • 32 hole
  • 7 speed MicroDrive (MD) Suntour cassette compatible
  • Weigh 704 grams
  • Includes skewers
  • Date stamped 1991
  • Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 850 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm