Campagnolo Euclid single bolt seat post – 25.0


High end late 80s MTB seat post from Italy’s finest

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Wonderfully over-engineered Campagnolo Euclid seat post with a single bolt design much like a last generation Super Record post, but longer. Campagnolo were late to the MTB party but when they went in they went all out, designing full groupsets and building everything tough. The slight problems were that A) they were so late, and B) tough in this case meant heavy. Shimano and Suntour already had established off road groups, loads of customers and strong, lightweight, functioning parts by the time Campagnolo had got a toe in the water. Campagnolo did however have the good sense to chuck some kit at some high profile race teams – who can forget the Yetis dripping in Campagnolo!

This post is something of an oddity, it doesn’t seem to appear in any of the catalogues (not that unusual for Campagnolo) and its design is somewhat reminiscent (identical!) to a last generation non-fluted Super Record post, but about 70 mm longer. To be fair it also seems to have some extra material internally, the weight is well over what a long SR post would be too. Campagnolo seemed to have held onto the minimum insertion they would use for a 180 mm long post with this too – caveat emptor.

We have these in a 25.0 mm diameter only at the moment, not a massively common size but actually quite useful as the excellent USE shims are readily available to fit these posts up to any size seat tube.

  • Released in 1989 (though not in the catalogues!)
  • 25.0 mm diameter
  • Weighs 365 grams
  • 330 mm long from bottom to rails
  • 25 mm of setback
  • Made in Italy

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 45 × 10 × 10 cm