GripShift SRT800 XRay MTB shifters


Ultimate lightweight eight speed Cross Country MTB shifters

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The Gripshift SRT800 XRay mountain bike shifter was the ultimate lightweight upgrade if you were running a Shimano 8 speed groupset back in the day. This is the second generation with the ‘gunsmoke’ opaque plastic case, which admittedly doesn’t look quite as good as the clear original, but they didn’t crack as easily! Designed for a double or triple at the front and 8 speed Shimano indexed compatible at the rear. Due the the over-sized design not all brake levers integrate well with them, there were a number of quality brands making compatible levers though, including Ritchey.

Provided with inner cables already installed (they can be a faff to replace!), some original branded short grips, grip washers and instructions.

  • Model SRT 800 II
  • Shimano indexed 2/3 x 8 compatible
  • Full set including grips
  • Designed in the USA

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm