Nitto wire guard saddlebag support


Wonderfully useful saddlebag support frame

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One of those super useful things you didn’t realise you needed. The Nitto wire guard sits on your seat stays and stops a saddlebag rubbing on the brake cable or caliper. Made to a very high standard in Japan by the master craftsmen at Nitto the flexible steel frame is rubber coated at the points it sits next to the bike frame and is easily manipulated to suit a wide variety of frame shapes and sizes. I have been successfully using one of these for several months on a bike with centre pull cantilever brakes and another with a side-pull road caliper and it really does work well.

Larger saddlebags or those with a heavy load can weigh down on the brake cable which can both affect the braking and wear away at the back of the bag, this prevents that in a very neat way. Saddlebags used in conjunction with a rack give really versatile carrying capacity on the bike whether for a commute or longer rides.

  • Clip on support is easily removable to swap between bikes
  • Rubber coated frame to prevent paint damage
  • Made in Japan

There is a short review of the Nitto wire guard here.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm