Suntour XCT thumbshifters – SLH-XCT-6S


Late 80s/early 90s indexed thumbshifters from Suntour

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Classic late 80s Suntour XCT thumbshifters for Accushift indexed six speed. Designed for a triple front mech and 6 speed indexed with appropriate rear mech and freewheel or cassette. These XCT shifters are from the 1990 model year and were the entry level ‘proper’ MTB groupset. The right hand shifter switches between clicked indexed and ‘light index’ which means they have some movement in them, almost like friction. Standard 22.2 mm clamps mean they work with any flat bars and they come in the original packaging with some original cables too.

  • Model: SL-XT00-R6R / SL-XT00-L (in catalogue) and SLH-XCT-R-6S / SLH-XCT-L (in packaging)
  • Introduced in 1990
  • Indexed for 6 speed Accushift freewheels or cassettes or friction
  • Weigh 228 grams (in the packet with cables etc)
  • Includes Accushift cables and instructions
  • Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm