Bontrager Selle San Marco Titanio 200 saddle


Super-light, highly sought after MTB race saddle from 1993

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The super-light Bontrager Titanio 200 was developed by Keith Bontrager and manufactured by Selle San Marco in the early 90s. The aim was to produce a light weight and slimmed down saddle for aggressive rider who liked to get over the back wheel and move the bike around. Pairing titanium rails to a lightly padded, leather covered top resulted in the distinctive shape and a claimed sub-200 gram weight. Keith Bontrager gained popularity for his no-nonsense approach to bicycle and component design, refining designs so that they worked as well as they possibly could using his Motocross and engineering background.

Bontrager’s maxim was: “strong; light; cheap: pick two” and generally his parts were never that cheap!

The saddle is unused like all of our stock but has a small fault in the ‘I’ of TI on the rear decal of the saddle as pictured. It comes with the original box, but its a bit battered!

  • Model: Titanio 200
  • Date stamped 1993
  • In the original box
  • Actual weight of this saddle: 200 grams
  • Made in Italy by Selle San Marco

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 20 cm