Dia-Compe Royal Gran Compe brake set – RGC-400 / 200


Beautifully finished high end mid 80s Japanese brake set

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An extremely well finished and well presented Dia-Compe Royal Gran Compe brake set in the original box with all the spares and dated 1984. Hard to find in unused condition, and even harder to find as a set with everything down to the cables this boxed brake set comprises a pair of RGC 400 brake calipers and a pair of RGC 200 levers. The levers are non-aero routing with their original black rubber hoods. The calipers are stamped for a 1984 manufacture, and are a medium to short drop single pivot design. The pads are similarly beautifully made with aluminium holders and wheel guides and ‘Royal’ stamped on the rear.

Royal Gran Compe was the designation given to Dia-Compe’s very best parts, their brakes in particular from this period are exceptional, which is probably why Suntour used them to make all of their brakes including Superbe and Superbe Pro. This wonderful set is for recessed allen key mounting and comes with the bolts and washers needed, plus an allen key just in case. It also comes with some really nice period clear wound stainless steel outer cables and inner cables and a set of Dia-Compe branded top tube cable clips. This could genuinely just live on display for the rest of it’s life, it is that pretty!

  • Brake levers:
    • Model: RGC 200
    • Non aero design
    • Original black rubber hoods
    • Weigh 217 grams
    • 24.0 mm clamp for standard drop bars
    • Made in Japan
  • Brake calipers:
    • Model: RGC 400
    • Front and rear
    • Recessed allen key fixing
    • Date stamped 1984
    • 39 mm to 49 mm drop
    • Weigh 333 grams (without bolts)
    • Made in Japan
  • Also includes: All bolts; inner and outer cables; top tube cable clips (28.6 mm); an allen key; original box

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm