Shimano Deore XT BioPace SG inner chainring


Elliptical inner ring from the classic 1980s top of the range MTB group set

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Hard to find Shimano Deore XT BioPace inner chainring from the late 80s/early 90s when XT was the top of the range off road group. The FC-M730 chainset was used for a long time and these high polish silver rings were around in the second and third iterations of the groups: M732 and M735. BioPace was designed to offer the rider a more effective pedal stroke, it was reasonably short lived but came back with a vengeance in the mid 2000s when the bike industry had run out of new things to invent. The oval chainrings supposedly put more power into the top part of the pedal stroke thus making you faster and/or making it easier.

  • Shimano Deore XT inner chainring for FC-M730 chainset
  • 28 tooth
  • For 3/32″ chains
  • 74 BCD
  • BioPace SG oval ‘technology’
  • Available through the 80s and early 90s
  • Shimano part code: 16G 2800
  • Made in Japan

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Weight 175 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2.5 cm