Suntour XC 9000 brake levers – BL-XC00


Top of the range late 80s motorcycle style four finger brake levers

In stock


Big yet svelte, these Suntour XC 9000 brake levers with big, four finger rubber coated blades are ideal for a high end late 80s MTB. XC 9000 was the best MTB kit Suntour offered in 1987, 1988 and 1989 and these levers are from the ’88 and ’89 range. With reach adjustment, a knurled and easy to use barrel adjuster and those rubber coated lever blades they were very well thought out.

These levers were also available as a combination lever with built in shifters (also in stock) and will work really nicely with over-sized 2.0 mm cables.

  • Model: BL-XC00
  • 1988 and 1989 model years
  • Weigh 337 grams
  • For 22.2 mm bars
  • Made in Japan