Avocet Racing Saddle – Neon pink


Beautiful bright neon vintage MTB saddle

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Hard to ignore Avocet Racing Saddle for mountain bikes in pure 90s neon pink with a classic ‘Turbo‘ shape and high quality finish. Avocet were a short-lived USA based saddle specialist and the Racing model was found as OEM on a number of high end MTBs from Kona, Rocky Mountain and Bridgestone. I had never seen these neon versions of the saddle before, they are stamped OEM only so presumably they were fitted as stock to something (I’d love to know what!). The colour is still bright and the logos are clear, there are a few very small storage marks from their 30 years of knocking about bike shops but they still have the original cardboard label attached which reads: ‘Anatomically designed with contoured padding for comfort’.

This pink would be a great match for a 90s Klein, or, well, anything!

The logo printing is not super precise perhaps due to the material the saddle is covered in, see pictures for more detail, most of these are unwrapped and in their original packaging.

  • Chromoly rails
  • Date stamped 1991
  • Made by Viscount
  • Model: ‘Racing’
  • Weighs 417 grams
  • 275 mm long, 155 mm wide
  • Also available in neon green

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 15 cm