GripShift SRT-600 7 speed shifters


Early 90s lightweight twist shifters for three by seven speed MTBs

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To think the mega-corps SRAM grew out of one simple twist shifter for bikes back in the late 1980s is incredible, these seven speed twist shifters are from about 1992 and were found as OEM on many, many bikes through the early 90s including Konas, Marins and GTs. This set are for 7 indexed gears at the rear and 3 clicks at the front, designed to work with Shimano groupsets (before the company had bought Sachs Huret and started making it’s own) and are compatible with a wide variety of front mechs too. Including instructions, original shorter grips and the little washers that stop the shifters rubbing on the grips.

  • Pair of shifters for 7 and 3 gears
  • Shimano indexed compatible
  • Includes bar grips
  • Designed in the USA

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 cm