Sugino Impel 350 Compact triple chainset


Good quality seven or eight speed compact triple (or double) crank set

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The Beautifully made Sugino Impel 350 chain set is a ‘compact’ mountain bike triple that can be used as a super-compact double too. Typically high quality Sugino forged arms are coupled with pinned and ramped CSS III rings in 44/32/22 configuration. The outer ring is aluminium and the middle and granny are steel.

These 94 BCD chain sets have had somewhat of a resurgence recently being used as super-compact doubles with a 44 or 42 outer ring and down to a 29 tooth inner ring. These cranks can of course be used like this and the granny ring holes left unused.

Arms are 175 mm in length and the taper is JIS,  the recommended axle length is 111 mm giving a relatively low Q factor.

  • Sugino Impel 350
  • 94/58 BCD
  • 44/32/22 chainrings
  • 3/32 width for 7/8 speed
  • 175 mm long arms
  • Weigh 744 grams
  • Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 850 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm