Campagnolo Centaur Syncro thumbshifters – 7 x 3


Late 80s mountain bike thumbshifters from the first top end Campagnolo groupset

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These first generation, top of the range Campagnolo Centaur Syncro thumbshifters index shift across seven gears at the back and a triple at the front. Centaur was the top of the range groupset from Campagnolo in 1989 when these were released and were performance orientated for racers.

Syncro was Campagnolo’s indexing system, and these shifters could be set up for six or seven speed with a fairly simple (though probably impossible to find now!) insert, these ones are set up for seven speed, and can be switched to friction too. The front shifter will work across a double or a triple and is friction only. The large rubber covers on the levers and typically chunky design are actually quite pleasant to use, and they work nicely especially with Campagnolo derailleurs.

Campagnolo’s late entry to the MTB market put them on the back foot, and Campagnolo utilised quite a lot of plastic for componentry that was supposed to be tough and was at the time very expensive. Notably the shifter shrouds were made of some sort of special plastic that cracked as soon as it left the factory, obviously time has not made things better and I have yet to see a pair of Campagnolo thumbshifters without cracked plastic covers! It doesn’t affect their function, but its right to point this out.

  • 1989 Campagnolo Centaur Syncro seven speed thumbshifters
  • Model: Q222 / 0118155
  • Seven speed Syncro indexed or friction rear
  • Triple or double friction front
  • Weigh 226 gram sper pair
  • For standard 22.2 mm bars
  • Made in Italy

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm